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Adult Dog Training and How We Do It

Dog training for an adult dog can be a very satisfying and often necessary task to create stability in your household. Using positive reinforcement, you can build a stronger bond and teach things like loose leash walking and basic commands and curb things like anxiety, fearful behaviors, and recalls.

We Help With Bonding

There is no age that makes a dog incapable of creating a strong bond with their owner. Although it may be a different process in creating that connection than it would be with a puppy, it is still completely doable. As an owner of an older dog, you have to be quite predictable in order for them to trust you. Mostly when it comes to a feeding schedule. But a little unpredictability can also be healthy for an older dog; things like changing the time they take their daily walks or going on new adventures can add some excitement to their daily routines. We do not always choose to acknowledge our dogs’ good actions because we get accustomed to their excellent behavior. A little praise for older dogs positively reinforces their good actions throughout the day, ensuring they continue carrying out these behaviors. Our informed instructors at Challenge Accepted Dog Training will help you fully understand tactics and the importance of a strong bond with your canine!

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Adult Dog Training in Kansas City MO

Positive Training

We understand that your dog may be reluctant to drop their bad habits, but keeping things upbeat and entertaining while training with effective methods by our experienced instructors will allow them to have fun while acquiring new behaviors. The key to positive reinforcement behaviors is consistency and patience. Our dog training program is a reward-based system that creates motivation for your doggy! Our training techniques allow your dog to enjoy picking up new habits and keeping them eager to continue learning.

Loose Leash Walking

Walking your dog should not feel like a chore. It should be pleasant for both of you and an activity that creates a stronger bond daily. A dog harness is a great way to start because you do not pull or tug at their neck, and instead, the pull is directed toward their body, creating a more safe and comfortable walk for your dog. At Challenge Accepted Dog Training, there are various techniques used to guarantee your dog is learning behaviors to stay at your side during walks and to make sure you walk your dog rather than your dog walking you.

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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Kansas City MO

Reactive Modification

Reactivity in dogs can present itself in many different forms. Seeing these outbursts in your dog can be frustrating and even scary at times, but this does not mean they are lost. Challenge Accepted Dog Training has worked with various dogs who present reactive tendencies, and we’re prepared to train yours! The environment also plays a massive role in reactive dogs’ behavior, leading them to be territorial over their space and possibly react toward different pets or even people. Your dog’s behavior may be challenging, but we help both dog and owner place a behavior modification program in place. There are many powerful yet pain-free tools that can be used in guiding your dog in the right direction.

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