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Puppy Training Services and How We Do It

The most critical time to train a dog is when they are a puppy! Developing a routine, housebreaking, socialization, basic commands,
and bonding are all best developed when dogs are young. Get started now with Challenge Accepted puppy training.

We Help Develop a Routine for Your Pup

Developing a consistent routine is one of the first steps in training your new loved one. It is important not only for your puppy’s development but also for creating a balanced home life. No one wants to wake up 10 times a night to feed or let the dog out to go potty. Beginning to develop a solid routine early in a dog’s life for feeding and potty training will create a structure for your puppy and peace for your household. The instructors at Challenge Accepted can get you on the track to proper puppy training with a routine that works for you and your family.

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Puppy Trainer in Kansas City MO
Kansas City MO Puppy Trainer

Socialization for Your Puppy

Socializing your puppy from a young age is very important in developing a confident and stable temperament. Exposing your pup to various stimuli in a safe and controlled environment is the secret to creating positive experiences and associations. They learn social cues and respectful play factors for your puppy’s development at Challenge Accepted. We will discuss in detail the importance of socialization and the types of places that are great for this activity. The great news is that socialization is not just right for your puppy but also for you and your family too!

Housebreaking Your Puppy

Housebreaking your puppy is the process of teaching them to use the bathroom outside the house or in designated areas and not on your kitchen floor! This process involves taking your puppy outside for frequent visits to a spot deemed acceptable for use followed by rewards after they have done their business. Our instructors will teach you and your dog the best ways, times and reward systems to achieve housebreaking before you know it!

Kansas City MO Puppy Training
Challenge Accepted Puppy Training

We Teach Them Basic Commands

Once we have a good understanding of your puppy’s nature through the process of developing a routine, housebreaking, and some basic socialization, we can begin working on some basic commands to help you better control and bond with your puppy. For puppies we like to start with the basics of sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it and polite greetings. Working consistently on these basic commands will greatly improve your puppy’s understanding that you are the boss while developing a stronger bond allowing you to control them when needed.

Crate Training Your Puppy

Crate training can be a valuable tactic for dog owners who don’t feel comfortable leaving their pets with the ‘run of the house’. Perhaps you prefer your dog to sleep in a crate and not on your bed or on another piece of furniture. Often times at a young age dogs are prone to destructive behaviors when left to their own devices. Training crate confidence can give you and your dog peace of mind when inevitably it is time to leave them alone for a period of time.  It is important that not only you are comfortable knowing the dog is in their crate but that the dog is also comfortable, not overly anxious, or potentially harmful to itself.

CA Dog Training

We Help with Bond Building

None of these other things will matter a bit if you aren’t building a strong bond with your puppy. That’s why we get a dog after all, right? Training, commanding, socializing and everything else will be much easier if you create a strong bond with your dog where they understand their role in your world. They don’t call them man’s best friend for nothing! If you are having a difficult time bonding with your dog we can give you some great activities and ways to help!

Puppy Biting and Other Bad Habits

If you are having trouble with a puppy who won’t stop biting or peeing on the carpet, come see us and we will devise a plan to curb these habits. Most of the time, with a little work and patience puppy bad habits are easily broken and soon forgotten!

Puppy Biting and Bad Behavior

Our Pricing Packages:

Free 15 minute phone consultation.

$49 for 30 minutes in-person consultation.

$130 per hour for in-person, private session.

$470 for a 4 pack of one hour in-home, private sessions.

$630 for a 6 pack of one hour in-home, private sessions.

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